(EN) LMB 04 Rejection device for overweight Or 2nd Line filling (N)x2

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Automatic rejection device for overweight SERMAX ®

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Automatic rejection device for overweight SERMAX ®

  • This option allows the customer to set an «overweight value» in grams on the touch screen.
  • Once the machine detects overweight, it activates an alarm and can be connected to any pneumatic device to activate the ejection of the product, in order to avoid overweight inside the trays.
  • Includes additional hardware with additional I/O signals and programming.
  • The rejection device can be also suitable for filling a second row of packages.
  • For example , without this device, an LMB04 Weigher of 4 lines could fill a 4×1 format only.
  • NOTE: By adding the » Rejection device» the weigher can fill a format of 4×2 , in one step of the thermoforming machine.


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