CLM 8 SERMAX® Multihead Weigher for sticky products ( Pasta, meat and fish )

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SERMAX ® CLM – 8 Multihead Weigher for stocky products ( meat, pasta, and fish )

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Exclusive Sermax Scales ® Weigher. CLM-8 – Linear weigher 8 lines.

Designed for all types of products up to length 180mm or Ø 80 mm / unit piece.

IDEAL for dosing in thermoforming machines, thermosealing machines and conveyor belts. (manual or automatic) Specially designed for sticky, fresh and/or fragile products that cannot be transported with vibrators and that require reduced falls, High precision and reliability in weighing.

It is composed of the following elements:

Production speed: 7-12 Downloads / minute (*) Other higher productions with CLM-10/12/14/16 models (consult)

Accuracy: Depending on the product

Possibility of adapting the distance between centers of the weighing lines, to adapt it to the container. (See example image Gallery)

Programmable auto taring. Quick-release circular weight containers.

Manual feeding | No platforms are needed.

All elements in contact with the product made of STAINLESS STEEL.

Container capacity 2L / 4L Overweight rejection synchronization (Optional)

Device for introducing the product into the «Raise-Low» container (Optional)

Add Optional «IP65 Cabinet» for compact chassis as shown in the image. ( not included )



It is necessary to study samples of the product to validate the final production of this offer.

Consult all the recommended Optionals for your CLM Weigher (See Recommended Products below) Exclusive Sermax Scales ® Weigher.

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S= 0.35 L ( D.70x90mm), M= 0.70 L ( D.80x140mm), G= 1.8 L ( 130x110x130) Modelo LMB = M, C: Customizado


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